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Dalmatia is unique historical region of Croatia that stretches from River Zrmanja on the North to the Cape Oštro in the South, and it takes about 21% of the Croatian territory. Although considered as one historical area, now days Dalmatia is divided in four separate counties; Zadar county, Sibenik-Knin county, Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva county.

Dalmatia has always developed itself as a region by cherishing and protecting all its treasures, its natural resources and its environment. She is a combination of nature and heritage, work and pleasure, historical legacy and the indelible traces of different civilizations. It is characterized by specific diversity of the coast and islands with their beautiful hidden bays as well as expanses of the Dalmatian hinterland filled with rivers and lakes that lace beautiful mountains. There has been created a corner on the planet Earth that is worth admiring... the place on Earth you have always dreamed of – Dalmatia.

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