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Vrlika and Dalmatian hinterland open their “Window”

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Step by step through “A step more” the Town of Vrlika in cooperation with their partners boldly continues to actualize their strategic plans by creating sport and adventure content for the development of unique outdoor tourist offer in their town and Dalmatian hinterland.

A sport climbing site named “Window” (Croatian: “Prozor”) has been opened on 5th October, thus joining the previously opened Rowing and water-sports center “Garjak” on Peruća Lake.

The project coordinator is Town of Vrlika itself, while expert support was provided by the local climbing association “Zolj” with the assistance of Ministry of tourism through their program “A step more”. Symbolically, by “A step more” and using their natural potentials and beauties of the mountains, rivers and lakes, Dalmatian hinterland and Town of Vrlika rise up the ladder of recognizable outdoor and adventure destination in Croatia and the region.

The climbing site is located above the very center of picturesque little town next to historical fort Prozor. It takes only two-three minutes to get from town to the fort by an asphaltic road where there is also a vehicle parking site. From the parking site to the climbing site there is a 100 meters long arranged path in the end of which a view of 50 metershigh rock opens up. From the rock one has a unique view of the fort, town of Vrlika, beautiful Vrlika field and Peruća Lake surrounded by mountains Svilaja and Dinara. Sports climbing site consists of 15 directions, with skill levels from 3 to 7 which were carefully constructed and set up by a famous Split alpinist and climber Ivica Matković.

Let’s climb, hike, row, pedal … through Vrlika and Dalmatian hinterland.

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